The following are some of the typical laser materials in the laser cutting and laser engraving industry.

Acrylic / Acrylique Rubber / Caoutchouc Fabric / Tissu
Wood / Bois Textiles / Textiles Foil - Sticker / Feuille - Autocollant
Glass / Verre Mica Sheets / Feuilles de mica Vinyl / Vinyle
Plastics / Plastiques Card Board / Carton Embroidery / Broderie
Stone / Pierre Foam Board / Mousse Leather / Cuir

Services / Service

Fashion Architectural Models Awards & trophies
Personalization Glass Engraving Rubber Stamps
Large Format printing Engraving phones & Laptops Coasters
Packaging Design Arts & Crafts Weddings
Signs Promotional products Events
Acrylic Box’s Display Leather Engraving
Cutting - Embossing
Acrylic Print

New services and materials


Aluminum Steel Copper
Coated surface Non-metal Gold and Silver


About The Shop

Laser Art Montreal

Laser cutting, engraving and marking services Canada. We provide online and offline laser cutting, engraving and marking services for large and small businesses, individuals, students and designers. The types of clients we have worked with in the past include architects, fashion designers and cafés.
Homeowners, craftsmen, small business owners, students, charities, design companies, etc.
We can cut and engrave the following materials: Fabric, Paper, Acrylic, Veneer, Bamboo, Various types of Cardboard, Foam, Leather, Plexiglass, Plywood and other.

New services and materials
JPT FIBER LASER Aluminum, Steel, Copper, Coated surface, Non-metal, Gold and Silver.
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